Mission Statement

Hyder Consulting Mission

We focus on developing innovative, profitable and value-added services in a sustainable manner by partnering with our clients. In doing so, we aim to develop a reputation as the leader, delivering to quality, time and budget whilst maintaining the highest levels of Health and Safety.

Hyder Consulting Values

In striving to attain our corporate mission, these are the things that are important to us:


  • To engage in open communication with our clients;
  • To be seen to add value to our clients organisations.Staff
  • A high quality and creative team;
  • Employees who take pride in themselves and the company;
  • Employees who are valued by clients and the company.Process
  • To optimise and grow our intellectual capital;
  • To maximise the effectiveness and efficiency of our business support systems;
  • To seek continuous improvement in all areas of the business.
  • To promote sustainable solutions.Organisation
  • A global team supporting clients at a local point of service delivery;
  • A culture which stems from entrepreneurial people continuously enhancing their professional capability;
  • Creating and maintaining a healthy and safe working environment