Landscape and urban design


Emma Corbett (Middle East);
Gui Li (East Asia);
Liz Somner (UK/Europe);
John Ridley (Australia/ASEAN)

Hyder Consulting offers landscape architectural services both as part of a multi-discipline approach to development or regeneration projects, and separately as a discrete landscape design and assessment service.

Our team has extensive experience of the design, implementation and management of projects of varying scales and in both urban and rural situations. We work closely in tandem with our in-house environmental, transport, planning and engineering experts as well as with external specialists such as artists, soils specialists and arboriculturalists to develop creative solutions for:

  • Urban regeneration and land reclamation projects
  • Public places, parks and open spaces
  • Housing, commercial, leisure and other property developments
  • Road, rail and water transport projects
  • Coastal defences
  • Protected habitats

Our team members can be an invaluable resource during the planning phases of projects assisting with aspects such as visual intrusion, computer aided design and 3-D landscape flythroughs.