Hydrology and river modelling


Neil Evans (UK/Europe);
Emma Corbett (Middle East);
John Ridley (Australia/NZ);
Gui Li (East Asia)

Whether you attribute it or not to �global warming�, it seems that each year the incidence of serious flooding in various parts of the world grows. This is just one factor in the growth of our hydrology and river modelling team.

The team�s work isn�t just confined to the water sector. Water resource, drainage and hydrology issues arise in many of our highways and renewable energy projects. With the pressure on space for property development in certain parts of the world, which means that schemes are increasingly being promoted on flood plains, Hyder�s hydrology team�s skills are also increasingly important within the property sector.

A selection of recent projects has seen our consultants working in the UK, Isle of Man, Ireland, Hong Kong, St Kitts and Nevis, and the Middle East.