Waste management


Emma Corbett (Middle East);
John Ridley (Australia/ASEAN);
Chris Hoggart (UK/Europe);
Gui Li (East Asia)

The management of ever-increasing levels of waste presents society with one of its greatest challenges. Working at both regulatory and operational levels, we have extensive experience in dealing with a full range of controlled wastes including municipal, commercial and industrial solid wastes as well as special and hazardous wastes. Our clients include waste disposal contractors, local and national governments and private landowners, working in the following fields:

  • Design of waste management policy
  • Waste management strategies
  • Advice on waste handling
  • Waste incineration
  • Site investigations
  • Design of waste disposal facilities
  • Waste management audits
  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Restoration advice

We provide a multi-discipline capability to successfully deal with the problems that could develop over the lifetime of a waste management project. Our specialist scientists provide advice and design services in connection with leachates and landfill gas. This includes treatability testing, consent negotiations, compliance monitoring, the conceptual and detailed design of effluent treatment facilities, and effluent treatment process audits and optimisation.

In the commercial and industrial sector, Hyder Consulting works closely with client to examine how they produce, store and treat waste on their premises. We help uncover methods to minimise that waste and re-use or recycle apparent waste. We also advise on procedures and mechanisms for ensuring that waste leaving a site is transported and deposited responsibly, thus maintaining Duty of Care.

Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA)


Simon Witney (UK/Europe)

In July 2004 the Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) Directive 2001/42/EC will be implemented in the UK. It will consequently be a statutory requirement for organisations to assess the environmental effects of plans and programmes for activities covered under Article 3 of the directive, and to record the findings through an environmental assessment process.

All public authorities and agencies in England will be required to undertake SEA for certain plans and programmes. These include, local, unitary and county councils, regional planning authorities, government agencies such as the Environment Agency, Defence Estates and the Highways Agency and other public bodies in the UK and Europe such as the Crown Estate, the Strategic Rail Authority and English Nature. In addition, provate sector organisations involved in strategic works such as those involved with water, energy and transport may also need to carry out SEA.

The environmental assessment will include techniques used in current project EIA such as impact identification, assessment and mitigation. However, SEA will also require the integration of a host of comprehensive new requirements and criteria that all authorities will have to face in the near future.

In anticipation of these new requirements, Hyder Consulting has expanded its existing EIA capability to 50 consultants to create an experienced SEA team. Recent recruitment of experts and the formation of partnerships with prominent consultancies and academic institutions (Oxford Brookes University) creates a unique atmosphere and access to leading-edge strategic environmental assessment techniques.

To find our more about our services contact Simon Witney (01179 881528 or simon.witney@hyderconsulting.com) or Alex White (01179 881626 or alex.white@hyderconsulting.com).